Antisemitism, Antijudaism, Animosity against Jews
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If your are speaking about the Theme "Jewdom" you will remember at first the word association "antisemitsm". There is obviously no other group of men which has been hostiled so far as the Jews. Matters have not changed for milleniums.

At first the term "antisemitism" is wrong, because there were still about 10 other non - Jewish peoples in the relevant region of the Near East. Further than the great majority of Jews living today hasn´t got semitic ancestors, but they are descending from Jews which had converted to Jewdom already a lot of centuries before. That´s why we should better avoid the therm "antisemitism", but anyhow knows about the meaning of "antisemitis".

But do you really know it? There will be surely more than 100 different definitions of the term "antiseitismus" in my determinations. Nobody knows about what "antisemitsm" shall exactly be at all.

The starting-point will be very paradoxical:

"I´m opposing antisemitis", this statement seems to be nice and friendly and is analogous totally to the mainstream dictated by the political and churchly establishment. But the consequent refusal of antisemitism is anti-Semitic. At first this opinion seems to be paradoxical , but it will not be so, above all the after the Second World War new founded state of Israel is trying to legitimate its existence with the antisemitism.

At first we should imagine ourselves who the world of today would be, if there had never been antisemitism anywhere. surely antisemitism is as old as the Jewdom by itself. The Jewdom is well spaced out the mos heterogenous group of people of whole of the world. The more heterogenous a social group will be, the more insecure the group will be. But antisemitism is the only common denomination which bands together (nearly) all Jews in order to be able to stand a supposed or real existing hostile environment. Probably Jewdom would had run down without one peep before centuries without antisemitism.

Because Jews are normally real intelligent people, they had noticed this problematic and so they advanced actively antisemitism by themselves. So Zionists supported actively the rising up German nationalsocialism during the 1930s., although the knew about the very antisemitic attitude of the nazis. Otherwise there would had been not enough European Jews willing to settle to Palestine in a volunteer way.

Furthermore there is at least the well-founded initial suspicion that the Zionists had been responsible for the joining of the USA to the First World War (look: Balfour declaration 1917), what caused consequently the defeat of the axis-powers. The consequences of the First World War are well known, the treaty of Versailles which should cause the rising-up of nationalsocialism and so the Second World war.

Also today´s behavior of the state of Israel doesn´t create the outward impression, that Israel is setting value on being to endear itself to the non-Jewish rest of the world.

"THE JEWS" do not exist!

As already mentioned Jewdom will be very heterogenous. Therefore we have to differ at least between this three points: There are liberal Jews, religious Jews and Zionists.

Atheistic Jews: The majority of the European Jews is attuned insensibly to religion or attunded non-religiously, I want to call them "liberal Jews". Of course not all of the atheists are liberals, but each liberal is an atheist., because secular liberalism and religion are not incompatible. Although "liberal Jewishs parishes", you can often read this term on the medias, don´t exist in reality, just as little there are no liberal Christians.
There will not be any reasonable cause of hostility against "liberal Jews". But that would also mean, that the further rising-ip atheism would cause the end of Jewdom finally, because Jewdom cannot exist without antisemitism. The Jews living in the diaspora would integrate themselves totally to the ethnical identity of their respective home-countries. They would lost their ethnical-Jewish identity. But we have to ask ourselves whether such matters would be worse, because in the course of time also we European non-Jews will change our old ethnical identity by a development to a new pan-European nation.

Religious Jews: You may object that a differentiation between religious and non-religious Jews and Zionist would be unnecessary, because each kind of antisemitism has to be opposed. But we cannot do so, because Jewish parishes and the construction and maintenance of synagogues are being paid by the German tax payers. Furthermore the Jewish parishes have got still other privileges (for example: The special protection of Jewish holidays). And so tolerance against religious Jews has to be precluded already because of those reasons.
The objection, that Jews have to receive compensations in this way because of the persecutions during the nazi-period, doesn´t count. The condemnation without any compensations of religious communities is absolutely okay in accordance of the rules of the laws - it will be another question, whether a comdemnation is intelligent and senseful - , because de facto all of the religious communities / churches got their gigantic properties by millionfold blackmailings their believers, which normally furthermore had been forced to become members of their religious community / church as lttle kids.The Jewish religious community cannot respected to be better or worse than Christianity and Islam in this regard. Only directly concerned private persons, which had become victims of persecutions, have got justly morolic and juristical legal claims of compensation.

Brutal religious rituals like the schaechten (killing of animals by Jewish laws) of animals and the circumcision of little kids, which are obligatorily imperatively directed to Jews by their religious community unlike at the Islam, brand unmodified the religious Jewish life. Milleniums old Jewish rituals may not be questioned underno circumstances according to the information of Herr Grauman and Herr Michel Friedman and a lot of other Jewish functionaries. You cannot notice any kind of mens rea...
You should not question consistently also such statements of the Talmus like this ones: Jews are allowed to blackmail and steal from non-Jews. The only right to exist of non-Jews will be to be allowed to serve Jews and to be slaved by them. At this point we can notice clear affinities to the nazi delusion of the "Arian master-race". Furthemore Jews are allowed to make sex with kids from three kids.
You will be respected to be a Jew, if you can prove to be a son of a Jewish mother, during the ethnos of the father doesn´t play a part. The motivation for it is absurd: Only the person of the kid´s mother can be proved to be Jewish exactly, but the father does not. The racial element of the Jewish religion is considerably exceptionally evident than at Christianity and Islam.
Of course there will be no devil in Jewdom, but the Jew´s God takes also over the task of the devil, Jewdom will surely be very handy. The Jew´s God isn´t a "Dear God", how he will be presented to Christians in favor.

There will not be a reasonable cause at all to have got a positive or a at least tolerant attitude against the Jewish religion. It would surely be necessary a fundamental reform of the Jewish religion, but this matters are internal affairs of Jews. We will have to judge about Jews concerning to their behavior.

Zionistic Jews: Zionism isn´t principially an objectionable intention, but its real realisation has to be critized. Each people of the earth has got the fundamental right to exist and to get an own state - but not on the expense of others! The Zionists would had to care about an amicable solution of the foundation of the state of Israel with the Ariabian original inhabitants from the beginning on, for example by paying of financial condemnations for their loss of land. That would had even been cheaper in the long run than to make war for 65 years. If an amicable solution wouldn´t be possible to find, people had to look for alternative possibilities to solve the problem (for example: The Madagascar plam).
The Israelian nuclear armament causes a dangerous cycle of nuclear upgrade in the Near East. Israel hast got own nuclear weapons for about 40 years, and we can guess that Israel has got also the access to American nuclear weapons in case of need. The wish of the Arbians to get also nuclear weapons of their own will be understandable under this conditions. A possible nuclear war wouldn´t be terminable on regional level, but it would affect unavoidably also Europe (at least). We mustn´t tolerate this! We must not allow religious fanatics of each kind to lay their violents hands on earth!
Israel has respected to be the only culprit at the Near East conflict by the reasons mentioned before. But Israel hasn´t take care about consequences, because the USA and the European states - formost the Federal Republic of Germany - are still standing behind Israel und they are supporting the Israelian policy of aggression in an active and passie way.
This honestly and intellectually based critics support naturally unavoidably new antisemitism at common people. So the permanent affirmations of our politicians to oppose antisemitism and the increased setting up of further "holocaust" memorials will become a farce.


Who could be a ideal solution of this problem?

A solution of this problem seems to be a balancing act, ecause a total abolishment of antisemitism would not be a constructive proection. But it would e absolutel<y enough to find a neutral attitude against religious Jews and Israel.

What shall mean it practically? The abolishment of the stately financing of the building of synagogues and Jewish parishes. The abolishment of the other privileges (protection of Jewish holidays etc.). The Jewish religious community has to be disallowed the tax free benefit to the public and the corporation under public law. The abrogation of the payment of aid money to Israel and - most important! - the delivery of weapons to this. The abrogation of payments of condemnation to Jewish organizations because of experienced condemnations during the nazi - period. The payment to aggrieved private persons should end with their dead, no further payments to their surviving dependants.
Furthermore we have to bring a more objective leel to the discussion about the nazi - period and an unprejudiced dispute about today´s Israelian politics. ...also explecitely in the case of we have also to accept unpleasant facts. The serious coming to terms with the past and the present time will be necessary in order to be able to find constructive solutions for the future. That is the most important matter, the permament moaning about the past isn´t constructive.
It will be self evident that the practising of the Jewish religion within tolerable limits of religious-freedom has to be tolerated furthermore.

This measures would be absolutely conform to the principes of a legal state. So the fundamental antiseitis of our common population would loose its legitime base till now. On the other hand religious Jews and Zionists would have still enough reasons to moan with good cause (after their opinion), what seems to be necessary for them existencially.

Why? Why should Jews moan themselves, if they would not be hated by everybody further on? Obviously Jews are wanting more than pure tolerance, they want to be loved. Everbody who is not happy about the matter that his new neighbor is a Jew will be suspected

to be an antisemit. But don´t be afraid, it will be sufficient totally to have got a neutral attidude to Jews.

So it would not be difficult to solve the problems at all, but the intelligence and the political will of all of the concerned people are absent.