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The dome of Cologne belongs to world culture heritage, this matter proves that culture must not really be always a silver thing.

The construction of the building had started in the 12th century and was finished in the 19th century.

During this centuries Germany had been one of the poorest countries all over the world, although the functionaries of church and state were unscrupulous to exploit to the quick the poor population in order to pay for the pompous dome.

The money for the dome came from taxes, the slavery trade, spoils of wars and from the trade with letters of indulgences which is still popular till today, even it´s got a new name. ...not to forget the money coming from the millionfold blackmailing of people with threatening by the hell and the eternal damnation in the case of non - payment.

But matters have not changed principally till today. The German tax payers are being allowed with pleasure time to pay for the enormous high costs for the upkeep of the pompous dome.

The better and cheaper solution would be to let fall into ruin the dome respected to be a memorial for the Christian terrorism.

The treasure of Essen:The captured materials of the church of the middle age are presented proudly to thepopulation by asking a gate money. (Public relation poster at the dome in Essen)


It has always been written a lot of matters about the criminal history of Christianity. I refer to the lot of relevant publications, you can read, if you are googeling. It would not be senseful for me to deal with this theme ince more, more about it would be senseless to copy other websites. Therefore I want to concentrate myself to analyse the situation of Christianity in our times.

Surely, there are a lot of important differences between the situation of Christianity in Europe, in North - America and in the so called Third World. Christianitygets especially in Europe into a predicament, whereby there will be no difference betwenn Western Europe and the former socialistic European states. Nevertheless the Christian churches of Europe have still got a lot of power and influence, because they are sponsored by the most of the most of the European states till today. But the Christian churches wouldn´t be survivable by their own power for a long time, at least in their tradtionell form as big National Churches.

This situation is dangerous for the European Christian churches, because they haven´t never learned in the past to have to care about themselves, incomparable with America for example. Further than the churches are lacking the necessary ability to self - criticism and internal reforms., because they hadn´t never been obligated to deal with their own mistakes they could keep secret or gloss over. That fact proves the recently becoming known cases of sexual misuse of kids by churchly functionaries and employers.


Mosque in Gladbeck
Atheistic bus campaign 2009 in Duesseldorf

The existence of the old European Christian national churches is being threatened by a lot of sides. At first you cannot ignore the prospering Islam in Europe any longer. The Moslems have left the anonymosity of their back house mosques for a long while. They are building with self conscious minarets which are equal with the pomp of Christian bell towers at all.

At the other side the European society has been wholesale secularized for a long time today, the interest of people to take part in religious practisings is declining more and more. And so the Christian churches respect atheism than the Islam to be the more important danger for their existence. Today we have got a trisection of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany in Christians, atheists and religious indifferently an desinterestedly people.

Moreover than you can notice an always rising up Christian counter - movement against atheism. Radical Christian organizations, for example the evangelicals, are getting more followers. The reason is that the radicals are representing their faith in a more consistent and therefore more thrustworthy way than the old ruined national churches, which seem to be only interested in power and money by ignoring idealistic aims. And so the big churches are loosing exactly such people which represent their Christian faith in a most engaged way and could be the best protagonists for the further existence of the old national churches.


Kindergarten St. Marien in Wanne - Eickel
St. Anna Hospital in Wanne - Eickel

The former Christian national churches are trying to justify their existence with their alligated social engagement today. It´s fact that there are a lot of social organizations like kindergartens, Diakonie, Caritas, hospitals, children´s and old people´s homes etc. under churchly sponsorchip. The churches are the second largest employer all over the Federal Republic of Germany at all. Because they are churches they don´t be liable to the stately law, they may campaign against their employees and workers like they want in their character of being tendency organizations. The membership in the church is compulsory for the employees and workers of the churches.

Besides them the church exploits usually phases of indulgences during people´s life like childhood, illness or high age. Kids are very sensible for religious indoctrination, they cannot still differ between pure facts and statements of faith, and so you can educate them a decided religion in a very easy way. Ill and old people are perhaps ready to give (the whole or parts of) their fortunes to the church considering their near death in order to rescue their souls.

In this compound it will be superflous to say that the social organizations under churchly sponsorchip are nearly financed by strange money up to 100 %. So the church makes public relation for itsself with alligated charity paid by the generality. If, for the example, the church wants to found a new kindergarten, the costs will being payed by a third from the church, the town and the federal state North Rhine Westphalia, nevertheless the church will be the only owner of the real estate. That will be really good deal...


Reproduction of the public relation postcards of 2001 with friedly allowance of the Caritas and Brot für die Welt
(bread for the world)

The engagement of the churches for the so called Third World is motivated by alligated humanitarian reasons - by the way Caritas and Brot für die Welt (bread for the world) ar being financed by strange money to 99,2 % - , but besides them the Christian activities let mis an active effectivity. The churches do not engage themselves for the necessary birth control at all, they propagate to get more and more kids, as far as it will be possible. You can understand the behaviour from the view of the churches, because they want to get a lot of new members in order to preserve their old power. And now the countries of the so called Third World have to provide the churches with a lot of kids, because the population of the industrial countries is not willing to do so any longer. The population shall grow more and more without taking consideration of the economical and ecological problems caused by the escalating overpopulation.

It will be sure that the important functionaries of the church are knowing this facts, because they are really not stupid. The can afford to pay for the best and most expensive advisers of the world. But they don´t draw the necessary consequences, and so we have to conclude that the churches are putting up willfully the decline of mankind with their prohibition of birth control, because the churches will not be able to exist forewer.


Baptism of a kid 1961
Communion St. Marien Wanne - Eickel 1965

From my religion´s exercise - book ca. 1964

"The mortal sin devides men from God. Everyone who dies with the mortal sin will go to the hell, because he had lost his lofe by grace of God.
Without sin. light sin, mortal sin..."

Kids were forced to become Christians by being baptised and educated in a religious way, a possible later secession from the church (there is really no correct word for "leaving the church" in your language) will not be respected by the church, because baptism is insoluble. The religious education of kids effects like brainstorming and can cause immense negative consequences for the kids, like uncontrollable fears or the burden with wrong feelings to be guilty. On the other hand the religion doesn´t surely offer a qualificated moralic and ethical direction.

By the way, there is really no exclusion from the church. If you want to leave the church, you will only be punished by an automatical excommunication. Only the right to take part in the sacraments (communion, other churchly services) will be cancelled. Everybody who has been living in a distanced manner from the church, will be really not interested in the excommunication.

Not only the recently getting to be known cases of sexual misuse of kids at church will make it clear, that we have to protect our kids from the church!

Please don´t misunderstand me, it will not be my intention to deny the RIGHT of free practising of religion to any religious community or church, neither to the Christian, Islamic, Jewish etc. population, not even protagonists of Bhagwhan or Scientology. My demand is only the necessary removal of abuses respectively the non - introduction of privileges, that means special or favored rights of religious communities and churches.


* The foundation of new churches or religious communities. The state and the society are not allowed to refuse to such an organization the right to call itself to be a church or religous community.

* The construction of churches, mosques, synagogues etc., as far as they are not being financed in a forced way by the state and the generality. The general building law has to be valid, special restrictions are not allowed. So the Swiss initiative for the prohibition of minaretts has caused a lot of damages recently, because that was the wrong starting point for critics.

* The obligation of the state to protect the right of free practising of religion in the same way other personnel rights are being protected too.

* The right of the churches and religious communities to make public relations for their faiths in a fair way in public (mission), for exemple by having their own radio and television stations and publishing houses for print medias etc., public demonstrations etc.. (I refer to that their are some kinds of public relation methods in the economic sector illegal - unfair competition - and forbidden, for exemple telephon marketing by German laws).

* The right of churches and religious communities to collect subcriptions and donations given in a volunteer way from their members, but this amount may not be assessed by the stately taxes.

* The wearing of kerchiefs, necklets with a cruzifix, badges etc. in public. Functionaries and employees of the public service should be excepted from this rule during they are doing their jobs, because they are obligated to religious neutrality as servants of the state.


* All religious activities injuring the rights of third persons, like...

...religious education of kids,

...baptisme of kids, circumcisions of kids and similar procedurs,

...avoidable annoyances by church bell ringing, the cry of the muezzin etc.,

...the protection of religious, churchly holidays,

...the demand of stately church financing or further favoring of practising religion, leave off birth control. It ´s really a fact that Islamic people have got a lot of children which threaten the economical and ecological steadiness of Europe. (Details: here.).

...the demand of other privileges, for exemple the release of clergymen from the general obligation to serve in armed forces.

URGENT HINT: The Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) of the Federal Republic of Germany has got the opinion that religious freedom will cover churchly privileges. By this decision the German justice has disqualified a new the Federal Republic of Germany to be a legal state.
(Hamburger Abendblatt of Dec. 1st 2009 to the theme "special opening at the four sundays during the Advent saison". Notice: In Germany shops are normally closed on sundays and holidays.)

" All men / organizations have to be treated by the state in the same way, nobody may be favored by privileges."

` People who are injured in their manner of living, because they are affected by handikaps, a disease or because of their very young or very old age, have got the claim of privileges (for exemple: parking places for disabled persons, cartes blanches etc.) in order to ease their lives. The generality is obligated to pay regard for them.

* Organizations which are responsible for security and public order in the interst of the generality. Police, fire - brigade, removal of refuse etc..

But religious people / religious communities or churches do not belong to this privileged circles.

...and no up to the last fight!

There are a lot of people thinking that Christianity might be the last chance to protect Europe from the imminent Islamization. But are they right? You can read a discuss about this theme here !



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