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Joachim Kossmann
freelancing journalist

Vinckestr. 49

D 44623 Herne
L´ Allemagne de l´ Quest
Union Européenne

Tel. +49 2323 10382
Tel. +49 2323 917288

E Mail:

Tax number : 325 5044 0941
Tax - Ident Nr. 83512903673

Bank account: Girokonto 6603260 Herner Sparkasse BLZ 43250030

All of the publications are being written resp. photgraphed by me, exceptions are marked.

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Information about my scenario for the planned tv - serie "Der Ruhrpottclan"

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Mein erstes Buch:

Wie ich ohne Diät mein Gewicht halbiert habe

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I recherched the content of my websites to the best of my belief, but I cannot guarantee for the thrustworthyness of strange publications in my sites, in the guest - books ans in linked strange websites. I take distance from the content of strange websites by formal juristic reasons.