Germany internal




West German (left side)
and East German (right side)
the little lamp men of the German crossing signals


NEW SINCE April 3rd, 2010: IMMIGRANTS in the Federal Republic of Germany - a field report

NEW SINCE May 2nd, 2010: VERGANGENHEITSBEWAELTIGUNG - coming to terms with the past - à la Federal Republic of Germany

NEW SINCE May 12th, 2010: INTEGRATION of immigrants or set - up of a muticultural society?

NEW SINCE JULY 12nd, 2010: A multi denominational society?

NEW SINCE JULY 26th, 2010: The German Islam

NEW SINCE AUGUST 29th 2011: 100 years of democracy in Germany

NEW SINCE February 25th 2012: Demand of equal treatment of the churches and religious communities with subsiquent organizations of the NSDAP (German Nazi Party during the Third Reich)

More themes will follow!