Demand of equal treatment of the churches and religious communities with subsiquent organizations of the NSDAP (German Nazi Party during the Third Reich)
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There are existing today a lot of very thick books about the "Criminal history of Christianty". A part from this the basics of this criticism is being well known generally, therefore I can renounce a repetition at this place. But also the statements of the Coran and Talmud allow to legitimate violations of human right of every description, wars and genocides - but not only theoretically.

Well, a lot of men will object that we would have to respect religions in a more differeciated way today. Indeed the most religions are rather heterogeneous today, from the "liberal" part which doesn´t take its religion seriously already for a long time, up to hardliners even being ready to die for their religion as a holy warrior in a Holy War. But it may not be the task of outsiders or even of a neutral state to bring forward orderliness to the ideological chaos of the different religious communities. The followers of the respective religious communities are only resonsible by themselves to do so. If they don´t face or don´t want to face or cannot face their responsibilty, they will have to answer for the damage caused by their fundamentalist brothers in faith.

But our secular authorities continue to pursue a policy of belittlement in spite of this cognition. surely it will be accepted that there are a lot of Christians, Moslems and Jews, which do not shy away from comitting crimes and to offend human rights, to say nothing of animal rights. But in such cases we would only be able to talk about of the misdoings and outages of a few individual persons, and we wouldn´t be allowed to draw a conclusion to the total organization for this reason. After all the followers of the unsophisticated normal political parties would comit crimes once in a while... The human essence is like that, and such unpleasant matters would be de facto unavoidable.

Most of the Christians, Moslems and religious Jews would be really dear and gentle people which only want to live in peace and happiness with their neighbors. That´s why we should offer them a pleasant life as far as it will be possible, we should build for them pompous churches, mosques and synagogues, pay off the money of hard working honest citizens to their clergy, glom on them in order to make them to be happy and satisfied and they will not start up in anger against the authorities. The very new method of domestication of this kind is the introduction of the Islamic religious constructions at stately German schools payed and controlled by the state.

The misdoings of the Nazis are also a historical fact, it will be not necessary to repeat further details. But in this case conclusions were drawn. The SRP (sozialistische Reichspartei, socialistic party of the Reich, the follower party of Hitler´s old NSDAP - German Nazi Party) got at the first free and democratic Landtagswahl (federal state election) of Lower Saxony (West - Germany) 11 % of the votes and 16 mandates in the parliament at any rate. There is ever indication to say that also Adolf Hitler would had been able to win elections with a democratic standard, if ones of such a kind would had been exist at his time. A democratic legitimated new Nazi - party couldn´t be tolerated in the still young Federal Republic of Germany. That´s why the SRP was being forbidden. This decision of that time is surely be conprehensible from today´s point of view, one wanted to take no risks for the economical reconstruction of the land and was afraid of conflits with the allied victor nations.

But consequences against the churches stayed away which had made by themselves wars for about 2.000 years and had caused pogroms against Jews, homosexuals, and other disliked people. Already Martin Luther, the later founder of the evangelic protestantic church, demanded 500 years ago the genocide against Jewish people which were not willing to surrender to Christinaty, and so this genocide should be realized during the Third Reich. But Martin Luther is being generally respected to be a celebrated important German till today, even the GDR (the communistic East Germany) did so. Justice and thrustworthyness were left behind...

Justice and morale are obviously to applied with double standards. But perhaps - I accentuate "perhaps"! - our authorities have only acted in this way by pure pragmatic reasons. The (Christian) churches would before long all the same be near their end, and so it wouldn´t be good to make them to gain by a wrong condolence and to render possible them new stimulus. The problem with the Christian churches - and also the Jewish and Moslem religious communities in a long termed way - will would solve itself of and on during the time.

But the problem with the post war Nazis probably couldn´t be vanished into thin air by itself, because it wasn´t sure that the economical rising up of the young Federal Republic of Germany will be succesful in its starting time. At that time there were experts saying that the reconstruction of the land will take about 50 years. Even a very democratic Federal Republic of Germany wouldn´t had also been able to stand a political and economical chaos like during the period of the Reublic of Weimar 30 years before. In consequence a new rightest dictatorship would have risen up, but not a cummunistic one, because nobody would be interested in a communistic Greater Germany, least of all the Sowjet - union by itself, because a new Greater German Reich would infiltrate ideologically and politically the rest of Europe.

I remember to the famous and ill - famed campaigns of occupational bans during the 1970s which were caused by an inopportune hysteric overreaction of our authorities. The following victory of the West about the communism was caused by pure economical reasons and not by a better ideologic Western ideology. Surely there was less individual freedom for the citizens of the Eastern Bloc of that time below the line, but such restrictions were de facto unavoidable and served the self - protection and self - preservation of the communitic systems. This restriction would have been abolished again, if the communism had won the Cold war.

The run dow of communism was caused by its economical disaster, but we have also to notice a similar situation in the West at our days. Some South - european states are already been insolent and have to face their national bankruptcy. But also the federal republic of Germany has got stately debts about two trillions Euros (an "1" with 12 zeros) with a permanent rising up tendency. Our authorities want to solve this problems by dilettantish methods, by the demand of more and more economic grwoth although everybody knows that there is no unlimited growth. The native population from unemployed people up to the middle - class is tormentated unrestraintly, what has already caused a pauperization of wide classes of population. Outher groups are being favored disproportionately, almost the churches, rich people, and immigrants by integration wanted by nobody which shall save the pretended dying out German people to disappear.

The rightest are offering simple panaceas today too in order to solve the problems. Surely it will be an evidence of incapacity of our authorities that they cannot contrast to it equivalent ideologic solutions, because further prosecutions motivated by political reasons up to demands to forbid certain organizations. So the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland, National democratic party of Germany) is in like manner responsible - or not responsible, however you want to see ist - for ne Nazi terrorism like for example the Islamic religious community for the terrorism of Islamists, etc..

Both rightest - in this compound the well known NPD will be relatively harmless - and churchly / religious organizations are working for the disruption and finally also for the destruction of the still existing partly democracy at our times, and - this matter would be still worse - they are working to ruin the still remaniing rest of the legal state. If our state doesn´t want to surrender, the state must treat all of such organziations in the samw way. A partial procedure would rise up importantly the danger for the preservation of the rest of the till today still existing rests of the legal state of the Federal Republik of Germany - disregarding the question of the historic thrustworthyness.

Well, there are a lot of people saying that at least most of the Christian religions would be reformed by the Entlightenment, and that´s why they were essential for the state and society because of they are propagating positive values. So we should help also the Islam to reform itself in order to rise up its acceptance all over the society, because also the Islam would belong to Germany.

But also the old and neo - Nazism belongs to Germany of course, but nobody relies on the Nazism, although today there will be a lot of neo - Nazis proving a certain distance by the surely tasteless denegation the NS - genocide. But why should we reform the Nazism? We need neither a reformed Nazism nor a non - reformed Nazism, but we need the churches and religious communities just as little. Religion must be a private matter of an individual person, comparable to his political opinion.

Churches and religios communities and substiquent organizartions of the old NSDAP have to be treated in the same way. So we have to forbid consequently everything or nothing. Well, you must not be the same opinion about the best solution of this problem. After my private opinion I would prefer to allow everything, and I want to refer the good experiences of the USA. Prohibition cannot surrogate ideological disputs. It will be an absoltely bad method to criminalize unpleasant reviewers - as long as they are peaceful - or put them into the psychiatry instead of discussing with them.

As things are now neither a total prohibition of the churches / religious communities and the substiquent organizations of the NSDAP nor an allowance would be enforceable politically. That will be reregrettable, because the problems will not be solved but they will continue to escalate...