Comparison Christianity - Islam:
Is Christianity really the lesser of two evils?
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The catholic church of Duisburg - Marxloh is being restaurated with the money of the German tax payer at the time. This church is nearly three times bigger than the disputed mosque in its neighborhood.
Idignation demonstration against (real or alligated) Neonazis at the Merkez Mosque in Duisburg - Marxloh at March 29th 2010

There are a lot of people thinking we should sponsor Christianity, because Christianity would be partly tolerably religion and therefore the lesser evil than the Islam. But could the run down Christianity offer an effective protection against the still prospering Islami in reality? I don´t think so. But at first we should compare the both religions in an almost fair way.

Christian and Islamic theologians shall discuss about internal statements of faith which each other, I cannot and don´t want to deal with theme at this place.

How to becam a Christ / Moslem
compulsory membership by baptism and baptism of kids
compulsory membership by baptism and by baptism of kid and by the birth
In Europe unusual, but in North - America general usual
obligatory for all male babies; for girls is party unaccepted
secession from the church
is not accepted by canonical law, causes an automatically excommunication (= the participation to accepet churchly services is cancelled)
Up to 200 years ago capital punishment by nurning at the stake
is not accepted by canonical law, partly capital punishment
exclusion from the church
doesn´t exist
doesn´t exist


Causing of false feelings of guilty because of Jesu alligatend martyrdom, partly hell and eternal perdition
hell and eternal perdition
eternal life, reincarnation, heaven paradise
eternal life, reincarnation, heaven, paradise, 47 virgins
prayers and ceremonies
visitin church at sundays, cofession at least once a year, Shrove - tide (relative generous)
strict rules for the daily prayers, pilgrimage , strict rules for the Shrove - tide during the Ramadan
churchly orders
strict observance of the churchly orders
declination. homosexualitiy will be a sin
declination, homosexuality will be a sin, partly threatening with the capital punishment
sex morals
celibacy, extramarital sexuality and sexuality which is not motivated by reproduction are partly forbidden
extramarital secuality is strictly forbidden
birth control
forbidden, birth promotional plolitics
forbidden, birth promotional politics
laical, secula state
declination. a minority agrees
strict declination of the separation from church and state, aking for a theocracy
ability for secual democracy
Christianity trys to conform to each form of governement it has to respect, the best solut would be a Christian theocracy
no, not at all, Islam demands an Islamic theocracy
demanding for privileges
Yes of course. Demanding for stately financing.and sponsorchip
Yes of course. Demanding for stately financing and sponsorchip
consideration to dissenters
no, not at all. Loud ringing of church bells
no, not at all. Loud crying of the muezzin
tolerance to irger religions and atheism

differently, existing by churchly propaganda, but that will not be thrustworthy, also internal Christian infightings,
Tormentations of employers of churchly tendency organization

litt up to not existing, also internal gering bis nicht vorhanden, auch internel infightingd between Muslems
Animouty against women
very extreme
missionary activities
poor at the state churches, smaller Christian churches are more active
Yes, it will be the aim to conquer Europe and to bulid up an Islamic theocracy
slavery in the past, antisemitism is an old tradition
slavery in the past, but more antizionistic than antisemitic
social engagement
not existing. social organizations under churchly sponsorship are being financed by strange mones and are only servincing the church´s own pupblic relation
it will be the same, but a little bit more thrustworthy than at the Christians
protection of animals
no. The killing of animal by Islamic right is tormentation of animals
the ability to suvive
no. Christianity can only survive in smaller churches.
Yes, but under the condition that the Islam would not copy the old mistakes of Christianity.
The Islam will survive Christianity about 200 yeas.
self - criticism
not at all. If it is shown, it will be only propaganda.
not at all existing in any kind
de facto not given
a little bit more given, because the Islam is more consequent

Comprehensively I want to say that the Islam is a little bit more radical, but surely more consequent, at the realisation of the respective confession of faith. But system inherent differences cannot be noticed, differences are basing upon that the European Christianity is partly disempowered and had reached its final stage today, during the Islam is still prospering and receiving by its membership a lasting active approval, during Christianity can almost count only nominal members. The status of the Islam of today is corresponding of Christianity 200 years ago.

Because the two religions don´t prove their respect to the princips of religious freedom, the both are not tolerable. Only atheism will help to protect people from the Islam - and other religions.

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