The German Islam
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A German Islam would be a religion which would be integrated with the West German system of stately churches, similar like Christianity. Consequently the Islamic church would be provided with the same privilegies like the Christian churches. There are only difficulties to realize this intention certain groups are standing for because of internal organizational problems in the Islamic circle.

` The training of imams at German universities and Islamic religious instructions at German schools under demand of Islamic religious instructions of teaching. In order to control the system, the lessons shall be hold in German language. (Hint: In Germany religious instructios directed bey the (Christian) church are a normal subjects at schools and universities).

* Privilegies, like the introduction of Islamic holidays.

* The censorship of the German radio and television emissions regulated by public law (so to speak: "stately").

* The stately financing of the Islamic religious communities by direct and indirect stately subsidies, also by the stately driving in of Islamic church - taxes.
We have got an indirect stately financing of the Islam already now, because Islamic groups are respected to be "friendly", so that gifts can be reducted from the stately taxes and so the Islamic practising of religion has to e paid by the generallity.

* Because our "legal state" is respecting wholesale the old Christian canonial right, we have to ecpect that also the Islamic sharia will can soon play a part.

But it will be promised, that the "German Islam" will be a "modern Islam". The Islamic animosity against women shall be overcome, and it would be self evident that the German would be engaged in peace and well - minded in western secular democracy. Everybody who doesn´t want to think so, would be respected to be a Nazi. Point.

But can such a plan be successful? It´s really sure that the Islam has got to be reformed urgently, till more than Christianity. But the necessary reforms have to rise up from the internal Islamic religion, and - especially! - this reforms have to be wanted and started by the Moslems themselves. External "measures to educate" the Moslems cannot e sucesfull. The Moslem would respected themselves to be put under the care of a guardian and retire themselves to the Islamic radicalism.

Religions cannot be reformed at all. So the fact that the Christian stakes do not exist till today cannot be confirmed with a rising up knowledge that an act was wrong but only by loss of the churchly power.

But what is behind all this? The pathological greediness of our authorities for getting more and more people - by ignoring the advancing ecological destruction, high rates of unemployment and other econmical problems - is bringing forth place for Moslems being fond of begetting a lot of kids, because the native population is refusing obstinately itself to do so.

At the other side the Islam can notice already today its underminings caused by the western civilisation. Domestic Moslems are smoking and drinking alcohol like the Germans, a lot of them don´t respect the rules of their religion strictly. That´s why the Islamic authorities don´t want the integration of Islamic people to the European societies. But this would be for our authorities the condition for sponsoring the project "German Islam".

And so we can be happy, that the realization of the "German Islam" will fail.