Evolution and "God" - a contradiction?

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The church opposed against the Darwinian doctrine of evolution from the beginning with enthusiastic devotion, because the church respected its religion and its own right to exist to be threatened by the Darwinian doctrine of evolution.

At the other side some reviewers couldn´t understand the behaviour of the church, all the more the Darwinian doctrine of evolution isn´t being occupied at all with the question of the RISE OF LIFE. The Darwinian doctrine of evolution is engaged in explaining the DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE from primitives protozoons up to modern man. Therefore the Darwinian doctrine of evolution wouldn´t have to be inconsistent to the Christian / Jewish / Moslem Genesis.

For that reason "God" might be come into question to be the fuehrer of the evolution for religious people theoretically.

But only theoretically at all, because the evolution would had been developped in a totally other way by "Godly fuehrership". The nature advanced with the the evolution at the same way like at the rise of life, the nature worked by the principe of chance hit. A lot of thousands of new species of life had been made by chance, but most of them were eleminated after more or less time because of their debility.

But a perfect "God" would had never wasted his energies in order to create unperfect species if life which couldn´t exist for a long time. The evolution were preceded in each case in a very more faster and in a direct way by "Godly fuehrership".

Besides them a good and loving "God" wouldn´t had created the system of the natural selection, but he would had superseeded the natural selection by a system if natural birth - control, which is existing by way of suggestion in fact, for example by homosexuality.

Further than you would have to ask the question how should had "God" leaded the evolution. This question will be remain unanswered by Christians and other religious people like usually.

Because the Darwinian doctrine of evolution is a well respected truth today, a further prove of the non - existence of "God" is taken evidence.