Integration of immigrants or set - up of a multicultural society?
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The terms "integration" and a "multicultural society" are often being called with the same breath, as if they would belong together. But this terms are two opposite matters you have to differ. The integration of immigrants has in view to conform the immigrants to the established kind of living and thinking of the native population, whereby the turn of the old structure of the society shall being kept to a minimum. Thereby the development of a multicultural society shall be avoided extensively.

Immigration was being advanced traditionally by economical reasons, when there were not (longer) enough native employes available for the labor - market. That was the case for example in the prospering Ruhr - area at the end of the 19th century and during the time of the famous German "Wirtschaftswunder" (economic miracle), the boom of the late post - war period in the 1950ths and 60ths.




The former German Minister for Family - Affairs had got seven kids...

Text: We have got the power for strong families!

Although the times of the economical boom have already been history for decades, most of the European states - especially the Federal Republic of Germany - are advancing further more the immigrantion of even unqualified people, which have not got any chance all the same to find jobs at the labor - market. The large number of kids of the most immigrants burdens the system of social welfare additionally.

With that we will do neither the immigrants nor ourselves a favour, because the advancing of immigration isn´t humanitarian by no means as the politicians and the medias want to tell us. In reality the advancing of immigration is serving the purpose to level by the immigrants the deficit of births of the native population.

Therefore the advancing of immigration and the affords of integration of the immigrants are motivated in reality by racial reasons without any respect to the further escalating economical and ecological problems caused by Europe´s overpopulation. Europa doesn´t require immigration - without regard to some exceptional cases.

Immigrants should only be accepted in Europe, if they can find probably jobs and an economical existence because of their educational and professional qualification. A permanent surplus of immigrants to emigrants may not be accepted.



"Fatih" is a very popular name for mosques. "Fatih" means: The conqueror.

Everybody who wants to conquer a strange country does not want to integrate himself, but he wants to rule over it.

Besides them we have been noticing for the last years that the integration is neither really wanted by the immigrants nor by the native population. The set - up of a multicultural society, which guarantees each of the social groups to preserve their specific individualities without advancing parallel societies, would surely be the better alternative.

But at first let´s have a look upon other countries which have translated matters, before we will go back to Europe´s and our countries problems.


A multicultural society:


At first we should occupy ourselves with countries which are can be respected to be traditional immigrantion - countries, for example the USA.

At the end of the 19th century the German Reich founded colonies, because among other things the Reich didn´t wanted that too much Germans emigrating to America, which would be lost to the German nationality. In fact the relative majority of the US - Americans has got German ancestors.

Emigration respectively immigration causes inevitably - at the latest during the third generation - the loss of the old ethinc and cultural indentity of the immigrants. The rising up of parallel societies is being unwelcome at the side of the immigrantion - countries.

But we cannot speak about a real integration in the case of the USA. The question to integrate immigrants wasn´t asked, because an absolute new society and state should be set up, so that a multicultural society could rising up. Surely this plan couldn´t be realized in a short time, the aparthid was just abolished during the 1960ths.

Nevertheless each group of immigrants had got the chance to insert their cultural goods. Although of the majority of Americans of German descent the German language couldn´t make its way to become the official language, but a certain influence of German to the American - English language can´t be ignored.

A lot of German immigrants got conscientious doubts, because the German Reich and the USA made two fierce wars against each other during the 20ths century. The now homeland demanded solidarity, even at the price to shoot dead former fellow - countrymen.

But this conficts could be overcome during the time. The USA - in former times as racist as Nazi - Germany - have delevolped themselves succesfully. So we can be hopeful for the future, but a lot of things are still remaining to be done.

But problematically is the still till today mostly very reactionary population of the USA:

* the population of the USA is more religious than the population of any other industrial country. Religious funamentalism of each kind is playing a decisive role. Atheists and homsexual persons are being persecuted but at least discriminated in some regions of the USA, for example in the so called biblebelt. A lot of people would prefer a theocratical system, comparatively to Israel.

* the birth rate of the USA with about two kids per woman is being clearly higher about 0,5 kids than in Canada and in Europe.

* a certain arrogance of the US - Americans respecting their thinking to be the only right way the rest of mankind has to accomodate itself.

* the acceptance of nuclear - weapons and archaic thinking, like the support of the capital punishment, are very popular.



Western town Sioux Ranch Montana in Duisburg - Rheinhausen

Although the number of US American immigrants in the Federal Republic of Germany is really rather low, the influence of American culture will be important. After the Second World War French foreign words were extensively superseeded by Americanism. You can look at American movie pictures really every day on German television...


Why could the US - modell of a multicultural society be succesfull?

* About 150 years ago the USA were a nearly uninhabited country with a high level of potential for growth. Economical stability will be an important condition for building up a working community.

* a laical stately system could be established in spite of the mostly religious located population. All religious communities and churches are being treated in the same way. There will be no stately church - financing, apart from the exemption from taxation of the churches and religious communities and the tax deductibility of gifts. There will be no religious instructions at public schools.

* The freedom of opinion. Statements which are suitable to provoce the activity of the public attorney (section Staatsschutz = Homeland security) in our country are legal in Amerika. The Americans had realized that the persecution and criminalization of dissenters cannot be succesful in a long - termd way. The Western European states - especially the federal Republic of Germany - are being far away from this understanding unfortunately.

* Patriotism. If you use the term "patriotism" as a German, than you will leave a bitter aftertaste, because patriotism had been misused (not only) in our country. Who wants can discribe "patriotism" with "a positive identification with his (new) home - country". However, we may not ignore that not only economical and social security are necessary for the holding together of a family, but also the love of the family - members to each other.
Everythings what´s right for the little community will be right for the big community, the social society. All people - let´s say about 98 % - of a society, even though they are differing from each other, need at least a common point they all can consent, therefore they can respect themselves to be a great responsible community.
On this side of the ocean the USA are often ridiculed because of their settings of flas in the morning  at schools or of the often uttered phrase "Love America or leave it!", but patriotism helped the USA to secure their existence.






....but let´s go back to Europe and the Federal Republic of Germany...


<<< A garden gnom in the garden of a Turkish neighbor

The integration of immigrants to the German society has been failed in most sectors in spite of immense opposite affords.

The necessary basic conditions for the alternative possible set - up of a multicultural society are being missing:

* Economical steadyness:
If you have to respect mmigrants to be competitors of apprenticeship training positions, jobs, stately social contributions, pensions and now even at Minister - jobs, it will be hard for you to find a positive attitude against immigrants. Fact is that the country cannot feed everybody in a sufficiet way, the distribution conflicts will rise up more and more. This problems cannot be solved any longer by economical growth, because the limits of growing have already been reached for a certain time. We may not deny any longer the necessarity of a radical reduction of population. Therefore the advancing of immigration will be counterproductive.

* Partiotism / a positive attitude against one´s (new) homeland.
Everybody who wants to emigrate to another country should make his decision with a highconsciousness. He has to be interested in culture and history of the country he wants to emigrate. It will not be sufficient to select a country only by economical reasons or because there are already been living relatives by chance.





<<< German soccer - fans are shouting with joy after some won championship



The patriotism of the German every - day man of today is being reduced to the love to soccer and perhaps to the famous German motor - cars. Everybody who had hanged a German flag out of is window, was being suspected to be a Nazi some years ao. Aready this times have been passed, most of the identication of most of the Germans is being concentrated on the social fortune. And so also the number of German emigrants rose up during the last years, because they have been getting feed up with Germany. The patriotism of a typical German will not be sufficient to preserve the harmonyof a people in a long termed way.
The immigrants are respecting this matters in a similar way. There will be nearly anybody who comes to Germany, because he loves the country, in order to say in a pathetic way. They immigrate to Germany, because they hope for better economical conditions of living. Nevertheless the German social state is also securing the basic needs of population of strangers, so that nobody has to suffer real misery.

The set - up of a multicultural society will fail like the integration of immigrants, because Germany is not really being loved, neither by native people nor by the immigrants. The economical situation is bad and will not become better in future, because therefore we would need another political conditions we cannot expect.

The nowaday´s system of the Federal Republic of Germany will still be solid as far as the economical basic - conditions will be given at least to a certain extent. If matters will change one day, we will get a new Nazi - dictatorship or an Islamic theocratical state.
This publication shall be my moderate contribution to prevent developments of such a kind.


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