The Islam
Threat or enrichment for Europe?
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The Islam is a religion causes quite a stir. The news are reporting nearly daily about violent conflicts in the Islamic countries. The general respect of the Islam isn´t well. A lot of problems came to Europe because of the immigration of Islamic people we have to explain.

It has to be said on principle that the Islam is neither better nor worse than Christianity. But I don´t want to discuss about internal doctrines of faith. It will not be the task of outsiders to interpret the statements of the Coran, the Bible or the Talmud.

The Ilsam ist a real younger religion than Christianity, and therefore the Islam has been proceeded in its developement by no means. You can say it in a simple way, the Islam has got the standard of Christianity 200 years ago. But during the Europan Christianty has joined its final stage, the Islam is still prospering. And so we will have to arrange ourselves during a transiston period that the Islam will be the only important religion in Europe. But also the Islam hasn´t got any chance to survive in a long - termed way, because softing - up tendencies are remarkable already now and they cannot be suppressed even by fundamentalist in the long run.

And so it will be more important to define a reasonable base of the relationship of state and society to the Islam in order to hinder permanent conflicts. I want to promote to solve this problem by this text.

The times of small and modes mosques ´ve been passed, This pretty building in Duisburg Marxloh in the western part of the ruhr - district is the largest mosque today in the Federal Republic of Germany. At the moment there is a larger one under construction in Cologne. The communication center which is connected to the mosque was co - financed by about 3 millions Euros of the tax payers of the European Union. The construction of the mosque was financed by donations, which could be deducted from the stately taxes. And so also the Islamic church lets itself maintain by the state and therefore by the public.













A mosque in Recklinghausen

You have not been nearly noticing the Islam for a period of long time in public in contrary to the Christian churches. You will be asked by your fiscal - offilce regulary wheter you are a church - member because of the German, Austrian and Swiss church - taxes. Also some hard working men have been woken up from his honest sleep by vociferous church bell ringing.

You have even been getting into the habit of the melancholy on Good Friday which is directed by the authoritarian state. At times where there were no DVDs or satelitte - tv not to mention to the internet a lot op people ha a real problem. But at the other side you get donated some working free days. You get your salary without having to work for it - some naive people are thinking so till today.

The new building of a mosque in Ratingen nearby Duesseldorf

A new mosque in Gelsenkirchen (Ruhr district) in the near of quarter Bismarck and town center Mosques are liked to be called "Kulturzentrum" (center of culture) in order to get more tax - money.

A new mosque in Gelsenkirchen at the near of the municipal bprder of Essen karnap

The old Christian churches are living here off the fat of the land, they are feeded by the state, they are partly areas immune from prosecution  and they can do what ever they want by their antiquated canonical law. As the second largest employer in the Federal Republic of Germany - mostly in their character of being supporting organizations of welfare organizations - the churches are exercising immense power against people. As organizations pursuing ideological aims they are admitting other rules than secular employers. Thereby the churches are controlling the stately radio and television broadcasting stations and a lot of private medias and large parts of the education system. And so criticism is reguallary falling a victum of the censorship.

The political partys of the Federal Republic of Germany are have already been co - ordinated . And so the SPD (social democratic party of Germany) divided itself from its idea of the seperation from state and church in its Programme of Godesberg 1959 in order to become capable of winning a majority. Even there are still only some single members of the Gruene Partei (ecological party) and the FDP (liberal party) demanding the separation from state and church today. The Linkspartei (leftest party) will share the same fate, if it continues to aspire to fusion governments with the SPD in order to be participated at the power. And so today there is existing really no German party representing the interests of freedom loving people.









"Free thinking", "Free deciding", "Free voting"

It would be very nice, but demand and reality are differing in a strong way.

Poster of the FDP of the election for the European Parliament in 2009







"Movement of people
Pro NRW (Northrhine Westpalia)

We are opposing Islamization and foreign infiltration,

therefore: Vote for Pro - NRW"




Poster of the PRO NRW of the election for the European Parliament in 2009


So the Western German system of state - churches guarantees in this way the old exhausted Christian popular churches to survive in a majority secular society.

Therefore you will not be surprised that now also the Islamic church wants to get a piece of the action, all the more it has got a large active number of members legitimating its existence. And so the Islamic church is demanding step by step the same privilegies like the Christian churches.


* The introduction of Islamic holidays

* The allowance of the cry of the muezzin

* The introduction of Islamic religious instructions at public schools, to place at disposal of Islamic pupils prayer rooms at such kind of school which are being financed by the state

* The instruction of imams at German universitys which are being financed by the state

* Stately financing of practising of their religion, at the time at least to be awarded the charitable tax - exempt status, which allows to deduct gifts and contributions to the Islaqmic church from the stately taxes and to assess them to the generality.
(In order to receive church - taxes the Islamic church would have bee´n respected to be a statutory public body, but I think that will be only a question of time, because the Islamic church is fulfilling the qualifications our constitution demands. At the time only the Roman Catholic, the Evangelic Church and the Jewish Church are getting this privilege.)

* the killing of animals by jewish and islamic rites. Religious freedom covers cruelty against animals after the opnion of our politicians and jurists.

* The circumcisions of kids are in a gray area in law at the time, it hasn´t been decided in a sufficient way wheter circumcisions are comparatible to our laws. (look here). (You may be anxious what our politicians and jurist will say to this matter).

* The Imam of Duesseldorf critized recently that the Christian crucifixes were taken away from the salles of the local and district court of Duesseldorf. So you can imagine that the Islam will demand Islamic signs in public houses soon.

" All men / organizations have to be treated by the state in the same way, nobody may be favored by privileges."

` People who are injured in their manner of living, because they are affected by handikaps, a disease or because of their very young or very old age, have got the claim of privileges (for exemple: parking places for disabled persons, cartes blanches etc.) in order to ease their lives. The generality is obligated to pay regard for them.

* Organizations which are responsible for security and public order in the interst of the generality. Police, fire - brigade, removal of refuse etc..

But religious people / religious communities or churches do not belong to this privileged circles.





The sanitation service is allowed to stop at the second row, but a normal car - driver may not do so.

















A mosque in Hagen / Westphalia

Please don´t misunderstand me, it will not be my intention to deny the RIGHT of free practising of religion to any religious community or church, neither to the Christian, Islamic, Jewish etc. population, not even protagonists of Bhagwhan or Scientology. My demand is only the necessary removal of abuses respectively the non - introduction of privileges, that means special or favored rights of religious communities and churches.


* The foundation of new churches or religious communities. The state and the society are not allowed to refuse to such an organization the right to call itself to be a church or religous community.

* The construction of churches, mosques, synagogues etc., as far as they are not being financed in a forced way by the state and the generality. The general building law has to be valid, special restrictions are not allowed. So the Swiss initiative for the prohibition of minaretts has caused a lot of damages recently, because that was the wrong starting point for critics.

* The obligation of the state to protect the right of free practising of religion in the same way other personnel rights are being protected too.

* The right of the churches and religious communities to make public relations for their faiths in a fair way in public (mission), for exemple by having their own radio and television stations and publishing houses for print medias etc., public demonstrations etc.. (I refer to that their are some kinds of public relation methods in the economic sector illegal - unfair competition - and forbidden, for exemple telephon marketing by German laws).

* The right of churches and religious communities to collect subcriptions and donations given in a volunteer way from their members, but this amount may not be assessed by the stately taxes.

* The wearing of kerchiefs, necklets with a cruzifix, badges etc. in public. Functionaries and employees of the public service should be excepted from this rule during they are doing their jobs, because they are obligated to religious neutrality as servants of the state.

But the wearing of a burkha, the total veil of Islamic women, is problematic, because it may favor crminality.
In this case I don´t think at all about that a suicide attacker with an explosive belt might hide himself under a burkha. Rather the rising up petty crime like shoplifting or joy - riding in a tram could cause further social discord in every day life.
So the inspectors are told to check the identity of passengers having got an individual - related ticket with the help of a photo identification, but this would be really impossible in the case of burkhas wearing people. The BOGESTRA (tramway company of Bochum and Gelsenkirchen) wrote me to it:

" Hallo Herr Koßmann, nein, für den von Ihnen beschriebenen Fall gibt es keine spezielle Dienstanweisung. Unsere Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter unterschiedlichster Nationalitäten gehen hier besonders sensibel an das Thema Ticketkontrolle heran. Jedoch kommt es lt. meiner Kollegen wirklich sehr sehr sehr selten vor, dass eine „Burka verhüllten Dame“ in unseren Fahrzeugen mit einem personalisierten Ticket unterwegs ist."
Translated text: "Hallo, Mr. Kossmann, no, there will not exist a special departmental not for such cases you have described. Our male and female co - workers of different nationalities going at the theme of controlling tickets in a very sensitive way. But it will be very very very seldom after the experiences of my colleagues that a bukha wearing woman is riding our vehicles with an individual - related ticket."
You see, that we can expect analogical conflicts, because a solution satisfying everybody cannot be found surely. ...and that such cases are really "very very very" seldom will change, when this fashion will promulagate itself one day.











A mosque in Marl, rural district Recklinghausen





The right to make processions is secured by religious - freedom



"Jesus - our energy"

...original Jesus public relation of an evangelical independant church in Herne on a galvanometer.











A mosque in Gladbeck, an elder photo about 10 years old

<<< matters should change since Avril of 2015

The cry of the Muezzin is sounding in the Ruhr region for the first time, you can notice clearly the loudspeakers at the minaret: It will be an explicit breaking of the basic - law of the Federal republik of Germany (Grundgesetz) demanding by article 136 point 4 (Constitution of Weimar being a part of the Grundgesetz), that nobody may be forced to take part in relugious exercises toward his will.

The common council of the city of Gladbeck (county of Recklinghausen) and the media brought in line welcame just unanimously the introduchtion of the cry of the muezzin, because it would be a "legal claim" to do so.

But the politicians are obviously confusing "legal claims" with "privileges". If it was a legal claim, everybody would have to got the right to do so, each private men, organization and enterprise. That will clearly be not the case!

But the right - whing - extremist can be happy about the new failure of the "demoicrats"...


* All religious activities injuring the rights of third persons, like...

...religious education of kids,

...baptisme of kids, circumcisions of kids and similar procedurs,

...avoidable annoyances by church bell ringing, the cry of the muezzin etc.,

...the protection of religious, churchly holidays,

...the demand of stately church financing or further favoring of practising religion, leave off birth control. It ´s really a fact that Islamic people have got a lot of children which threaten the economical and ecological steadiness of Europe. (Details: here.).

...the demand of other privileges, for exemple the release of clergymen from the general obligation to serve in armed forces.

URGENT HINT: The Bundesverfassungsgericht (Federal Constitutional Court) of the Federal Republic of Germany has got the opinion that religious freedom will cover churchly privileges. By this decision the German justice has disqualified a new the Federal Republic of Germany to be a legal state.
(Hamburger Abendblatt of Dec. 1st 2009 to the theme "special opening at the four sundays during the Advent saison". Notice: In Germany shops are normally closed on sundays and holidays.)









A mosque in Essen Katernberg


Because the state is obligated to deal with all churches and religious communities in the same way, the old privileges of the big Christian and Jewish churches have to be abolished.

The status of public - law organisations and the fiscal common public have to be abjudicated to the called churches and religious communities.

It´s a fact, that the Islamic church respects a laical system of the state (= the total separation from state and church), the right of religious self - determination of people and the general religious freedom more less than the Christian and Jewish churches.

The Islam offends against laicism, the Islam wants to introduce an Islamic theocracy as like in the Iran. Even an Islamic theocracy would be "democratic", it couldn´t be tolerated. We outsiders have not to differenciate between moderate Islamic people and Islamic fundamentalists, because all of them wants to achieve a common purpose, not depending wheter they are working more or less in a fanatc way for the realisation of their aimes.

The Islamic people are responsible by themselves for the necessary reform of the Islamic church. The reform cannot be reached by pressions and influence of outsiders. Therefore I doubt that as things are now there are a sufficient number of Islamic people which are being willing to do so.

After Europe had to suffer the terror and dictatorchip of the Christian churches for about 2000 years, now the continuation of this tragedy is threatening by the Islam. As Europeens with sense of responsibility we may not tolerate the Islam.

Almost we may not make any longer the mistake to transfer necessary and legitim critics against the Islam to the rightest and neo - nazis, which will profit for the disadvantage of everybody!

Democracy and freedom of Europe are endangered by the Islam, the right wing radicalsm but also by the rising up Christian fundamentalism Christianity produces during its final point.







A mosque in Wuppertal, quarter Elberfeld














A mosque in Gelsenkirchen Hessler










A mosque in Muelheim / Ruhr






Ayasofya mosque in Neus, quarter Norf in the near of Duesseldorf

The second minaret of the mosque cannot be seen at the picture because of the spacious narrowness.





Emir Sultan mosque in Hilden,
rural district Mettmann, nearby Duesseldorf


Fatih mosque in Wuelfrath, rural district Mettmann, nearby Duesseldorf


All of this mosques are financend by tax reductable gifts and therefore by the generality of the German tax - payers!

"Spendenbescheinigungen fürs Finanzamt können auf Anforderung erteilt werden, da der Verein gemeinnützig ist.

Möge Allah (SWT) alle eure guten Taten und Bemühungen belohnen!"

Zitat: Islamischer Bund Dortmund

Translation: "Certifications of donations for the stately fiscal office can be asked, because the association is respected to be a friendly society.

Allah shall award you for your good deeds and activities!"
Quote: Islamic united organisation Dortmund








A mosque in Unna (eastern Ruhr district)










A mosque in Herne












A mosque in Dortmund