A multi denominational society?
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Decoration at a church in Moenchengladbach Rheindahlen

Unfortunately we are still much absent from the ideal of a society which is free of religion, even the majority of the Germans have been dismissing emotionally from relgion at least. But the old power structures of the churches could survive till today, because our "democratic" state does want so.

But now the prospering up Islam, who is making a new attempt to rule over Europe, will be a very new challenge for the old run down Christian state - churches and the European states.

But the theme of this chapter will be to ask the question whether a religious multiplicity or a religious single dictatorship - it´s alle the same of which direction - can be more useful to construct a free society.

Surely, you ´ve understood the matters in the right way. Religion can be useful for the construction of a free liberal and atheistic society, because we have to be conscious of why we have to destroy the dictatorchip of the religions. The existence of religions should motivate us to come to terms with such problems in an active way and to solve them better in future.


But we should deal at first with the history:

A German soldier´s churchyard somewhere in Russia

Europe had been troubled by cruel wars for a lot of centuries. The religion played a part in that nearly at any time. The soldies were being promissed to go to heaven, if they would die as a hero for their respective father - land. About ten times more people lost their lives because of the indirect consequences of the wars, famines and following epidemics, than because of the wars themselves.

The catholic church burnt about 50.000 dissentients at its stakes. The last burning of witches in Germany took place about the year of 1783, so it was 20 years before of the secularization of 1803. That´s why the alligated "legal state" of the Federal Republic of Germany is serving the salaries of bishops till today. We would have to lament about a lot of more victims, because the catholic church didn´t disposed of the high tech killing machinery of the Nazis at that time. But there will be no difference by qualitative respects.

Surely, we have to respect such hard facts in an unemotional way. If there had never been any wars and genocides in the history of mankind, we would have been go down with all hands because of our overpopulation at the meanwhile. But Germany lost half of its population during the time of suffering wars, famines et epeidemicsin at the 12th century. Please imganine, that matters wouldn´t had been happened, only the Federal Republic of Germany would have got about 180 millions inhabitants today, among them aboit 20 millions of unemployed people, the nature would have been destroyed etc., social troubles up to a civil war, this would be a real scenario of horror!

You may object, if there would havn´t been the church at all, may be the people would care about birth - control at earlier times, and so the escalation of overpopulation could have been avoided. It will be right that there are proves that already the read Indiand took care about birth control. They had noticed that the women became less ofter pregnant, if they had eaten some special plants. But the Indian culture was destroyed after Christianity came to America.

Now, all this question have only got a theoretically worth, because we can´t change history. But the old animosity between catholics and protestants is remaining till today.


The old catholic grandma (born in 1886) about my mother:
"This is a very intelligent and modest women, hard - working, decent and fond of kids. If she wouldn´t be evangelical at all..."

The pope condemned recently the evangelic church not to be a "real church" at all.

I don´t want to reflect wheter he will be right...

Translation of the text:
Evangelical church ... nearby people.
The faith will make it. Jesus is live!

Surely you can remember the conflict of Northern - Ireland, where Catholics and Protestants quarreled each other by terroristic attacs till recently.

But the Christians are not even agree together. The other day somebody supposed the catholic church would had burnt too less people at the stakes, and so those screw balls could emigrate in lieu of to America where they are doing mischief till today. Well, I don´t wamnt to comment this expression of opnion.

There are a lot of other separated church besides the Christian "national" churches:




Greek orthodox church " Holy Dimitros" in Herten (Rural district Recklinghausen)





Hall of kingsdom of Jehova´s witnesses in Duisburg - Rheinhausen







New Apostolic church in Wanne - Eickel Holsterhausen







Evanglical freikirchliche parish "Christus church" in Herne.

freikirchlich = independant from the established European National Churches


...moreover the non - Christian religions:

The old synagogue in Essen

More and more jews could immigrate to the (for then - termes and definitions) liberal Prussia since about the year of 1700. The behaviour with Jews war in general unproblematically, because those ones liked to stay between themselves. They didn´t wanted to proselitze anybody, but they also refused themselves to be proselized by the others.

A demonstration of alligated or true Nazis against the
mosque in Duisburg - Marxloh and a counter - demonstration

Altough the Islam - similar like Christiantiy - would like to make happy the rest of mankind by its religion, it came into existence surprisingly curious fusions supporting the islamization of Europe. Christians, social democrates, trade - unionists, conservatives, even liberals up to communists - all of them have been finding a new common enemy they have to fight against: True or alligated Nazis.

Is that a turnaround now?

Pope Benedict: "We religions have to stand together." ("Wir Religionen müssen zusammenhalten!")
The Imam of Duesseldorf protested against the removals of the crucifixes at the courthouses.

...and now there are coming up new curious fusions:

From the view of the Islam this attitude will be understandable naturally. An early end of the former big National Christian Churches of Europe wouldn´t be in the interest of the Islam, because the Islam is locking forward to take over rather cheap one not far away day the bankrupt´s estates of the run down Christianity.

But also the Christian churches are conducting themselves by their view in a logical way, because they couldn´t any longer legitimate their centuries - old privileges, if they would deny the wish of the Islam for similar privileges any longer. In order to be able to survive the Christian churches have to tolerate the Islam and other religions.

But will this calculation work out? There will be not enough space in Europe for two big religious communities, from whom each one on its own wants to regulate and determine everything and demands - almost more or less in secret - the exclusive authority claim.

A peaceful coexistence of Christianity and Islam will not be able to exist forewer in each case, because the common interests are not sufficient. As soon as the power of one religion will rise up more clearly than the other, this one will try to destroy the other religion. Europe will have to suffer bloddy religious wars like in the middle age, if we don´t put the churches in their proper place on time.

But, the heck with it, the functionaries of the Christian and Islamic church are even pushing their luck - for the disadvantage of everybody.


Reviewers of the islamization are respected to be racists without hesitation

it´s really very simple in Germany of our days.

Translation of the text:
There will be no space for racism in Herten (rural district Recklinghausen)


Like a multicultural society needs at least one common ground for all of the social groups, also the different religious communities have to look for one point they can agree all together.

But what kind of common ground could be questionable? Patriotism like in a multicultural society? I don´t think so, our domestic partiotisme is only sufficient for soccer.

But we should remember at the Secon World War. The Allies cooperated as far as they had got a common enemy, the Axis powers. But because matters changed after the war, and so the Allies quarreled against each other till them. But in the case of the churches we cannot expect such a situation, because the common enemy is still being unvanquished...

...a common enemy is wanted, in order to secure the function of a multi denominational society!

The Nazis are not suitable to be a common enemy at all. At first the Nazis are religious themselves and so they are not thrustworthy to be enemies in each case. Most of the normal Nazis are Christians, while the hardcore - Nazis prefer the old Germanic religions. Besides them the Nazis are not be an important social group, but matters will surely change, if one is continuing to make so much propaganda for them.

Besides them it wouldn´t be very intelligent from the view of the churches to affront the Nazis, because one never knows... Perhaps the churches will be depending on them one day again. At each case the Nazis hade made common cause with the Nazis already in the past.










But now it´s hard to know what to do...


Well, and now it´s our turn. Atheism is the common enemy of the religions those ones have to fight against by any means.

We couldn´t wish a better compliment for atheism at all. Because this discussion will not be made at the stakes like in past times - let us hope so! - but in a public discussion we can look forward to a multi denominational society with good luck!