The existence of "God": Why there is no God
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At first we have to see about what is to be answered for at all. We can find really clear hints about the definition of the term "God" in the Christian confession of daith. According to that "God" would be...

A. omnipotent being, who controls and directs all events and incidents in the universe, having power and control about life and dying of all living beings, having also the power to abolish nature - laws and to direct about them in another way.

B. ...a Maker who created the whole of the universe, besides them all the life of vegetable, animal - like and human kind.

C ...besides them there is an accord between religious people that heir "God" will be an immaterial and pure spiritual living being.

D. eternal existing liiving being, immortal in direction to the past and to the future.

This definition of the therm "God" is accorded in the main by all important religious communities.


And now to the single points:

A. Here the claim to the absolute truth of a "God" comes into conflict with the nature - laws. Everybody knows that you cannot abrogate the nature - laws and to resist them. Possible counter argument: We don´t (stioll) know all nature - laws. That would be possible indeed, but the nature - laws add themselves to each other and don´t exclude themselves. Only a single nature - laws is sufficient to prove the non - existence of "God". Further possible counter argument: We don´t know wheter the nature - laws are true at all. That will be all right too. It is true that the nature - laws prove themselves billionsfold in each second by themselves, but even this matter does not prove that the nature - laws will be binding always and without exception. But all nature - laws are determined by themselves, what you can respect to be a clear prove. All of the nature - laws without exception would have to be false in order to disprove the non - existence of a "God". That will be impossible in reality.
Here my questions to religious people:
1. How does "God" control and rules the universe and everything which exists?
2. How can "God" influence and abrogate the nature - laws?

I want to get determined theiries in a logical way.

B. The nature law of energy conservation shows that the universe has been existing eternally in any kind. Indeed the universe changed itsself in the past and it will change intsself in future, but the basic substance will be reain eternally, eternal in direction past and future. Life came into existence, if life hadn´t been existing forewer - we can´t ignore this possibility -, by chance. Therefore the rise of living took a very immens long time , probablity about several hundredthousands of years.
Here an exampel: Take a puzzle and throw the 1000 parts of it in the air. Then the parts of the puzzle will fall down and and put together themselves to a complete puzzle. The possiblity that this attempt will be succesful is really astronomical low, but it will not be impossible. It´s also really unlikely to win the first price of a lottery, but nevertheless there are people who win the first price every week. The reason why is that there are millions of people who join the lottery. And so f you make the attempt with our puzzle, it will be very probable, that one single attempt is successful and our puzzle outs together by itsself. The possible objection it would be totally improbable that life came up by chance is disproved by this way. It´s clear that we cannot make a visionary journey through time in order to prove clearly the events happened. And so the theory of lesson of chance has to remain a theory. But this theory is logical and determined by itsself.
Here my questions to religious people:
3. How did "God" create the universe?
4. How did "God" create the life?
Please answer this questions by a logical determined theoretic explanation!

C. The life doesnot exist for a very long time in comparisation to the history of the universe. That means that the "Maker" "God" was inactive during a time of many hundredthousends of years in order to create life by temper or an silly idea one day.
Here my questions to religious people:
5. Why was "God" inactive during a lot of hundredthousands of years? What made his sudden power to create life?
6. Why did "God" create (human) living? What is the sense of all?

D. An only immaterial living cannot exist, because every being has to dispose of an information memory (for example the brains) in order to be able to exist. If this information memory will be destroyed, the accumulated information will be disappeared. Please don´t mix up the therms "information" and "energy". Information is an only abstract matter, during the energy will be preserved, also after the death of the being. Than this energy will be changed and will be useful for other beings. Please also think about that beings have got a permanent interchange in their bodys already during their lifetime. We get the energy of plants and animals by our feed - but only the energy and not the information of the plants and animales eaten by us. This information have been lost after the death. Otherwise you would get a part of the personal charcter of a swine, if you had eaten a schnitzel. This idea would be absurd... By this reason there is really no living after death and before the birth. Naturally you can copy partly of the information accumalated in your brain by begetting / conceiving kids. If you want to respect it at this kind, the retransmission of life will be a little part of immortality. But fortunately it will not be more than this matter, ecause every new born man / woman shall be an individual personality and not only a simply dopy of his / her ancestors.
Here my question to religious people:
7. How can exist only spiritual (= immaterial) life?

Summary of the questions:

1. How does "God" control and rule the universe and everything which exists?

2. How can "God" influence and abrogate the nature - laws?

3. How did "Gid" create the universe?

4. How did "God" create the life?

5. Why was "God" inactive during a lot of hundredthousands of years? What made his sudden power to create life?

6. Why did "God" create (human) living? What is the sense of all?

7. How can exist an only spiritual (= immaterial) life?

I would like to get a qualified answer to my questions from religious people I want to publish at this place. I ´m wondering about your answers. Iy you want you can stay anonymous and use the guest - book you can reach via the start - site.

Your Joachim Kossmann

Hint: (July 2010) The publication of the statements I ´ve already received will follow when there will have been a sufficient number of comments, because I don´t want tp manipulate the following authors.
Please be patient... be continued here: Further opinions to the existence of "God"