Decoration at a church in Duesseldorf (West Germany)


The existence of "God" - Why there is no God
I asked engaged religious people for cooperation and to answer my questions. Your answers will be published.

Evolution and "God" - a contradiction? More and more progressive Christians respect the Darwinian evolution doctrine to be concordant with their faith. But are they being right?

A talk to a kid - Who can I speak to my kid about religion and church?
I answer by a fictive talk to a kid

Forbid circumcisions! The right of religious self - determination of men must be carried out

NEW: THE ISLAM -Threat or enrichment for Europe?

Since April 11th 2010: CHRISTIANITY

Since April 11th 2010: Comparison Christianity - Islam:
Is Christianity really the lesser of two evils?

Since April 22nd 2010: The Jewdom

Since May 2nd 2010: Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung à la Federal Republic of Germany - Coming to terms with the past

Since July 26th 2010: The German Islam

Further themes will follow!

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