How could be a peaceful social life in a multicultural society between Atheists, Christians, Moslems, religious Jews, etc. in future?
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I ´m really sure that the Turkish greengrocer from my neigborhood, a friendly and likable man, is not being to kill me, nevertheless the Koran tells all of the Moslems to kill disbelievers. Also my father surely never thought about to stone me to death, because I had been undutiful once again, although he would had been anthorized to do so because he was a Catholic. Further than I cannot remember ever being overreached by a Jew, although the Talmud demands him to steal from, to defraud or even to enslave non - Jewish people. But perhaps I had much good luch luck and I always contacted only atheistic Jews. Who will ever know it?..

Well, you can object that the sufficiently well known inhuman quotes from the Bible, Koran and Talmud would had been detached from the context, and further than the religious scripts would had been already a lot of centuries old, and so they would have to be explained in another way. Besides them the religious books are also containing a lot of positive parts like the grace of charity. One may not only respect the negative parts, but one should seek a diefferenciated method of approach.

But the Bible, the Koran and the Talmud are containing clearly and evidently formulated statements which do not allow to be haphazardly interpreted. ...and matters which had been obviously in force in another historic connection should perhaps be accordable with today´s view of humanism? If religious would really want to distance themselves from the undeniable barbarities of their religions in a thrustworthy way, why don´t they write newly their religious books? It would not be a blame to say: "We have make mistakes, we want to learn about it and we promise to make it better in future."

But the religions and their underlying religious communities respectively churches demand to be perfect and infallible, so it will be difficult to confess own mistake of course. There will be only be very few people at the grass routs of the members of the church, which have done this labor. But the number of men will be much significant, which have resigned because of the obstinacy of their respective clerical authorities and departed totally from their organizations and also partly also from their respective faith

The condition for the tolerance of the respective dissenters will be the two - way tolerance. But if tolerance will stay to be an only end in itself, tolerande can cause more damages than advantages. Religious organizations cannot be tolerant ultimately, because they have got a pipe dream to have to make happy the rest of mankind with their respective world views to get the salvation. Besides them the religions would have to disclaim their old privilegies in order to be able to be tolerant, but they wouldn´t be able to exist wothout them - at least in the usualt kind of today.

Only the Jewish religious community makes a certain exception to this matter, but it is deplorable to have to say that the Jewish incitements are not calling for a gentle kind. Orthodox Jews are even objecting the acceptance of voluntary converts to Jewdom, altough other religious communities do whatever it takes no matter what to get new members as far as it will be possible. Beut Jewdom shal remain to stay a relative little elitist circle cultivating the demand to be a herrenvolk.

Up to now the religions have not coped with that they have to stand public criticism too. The Islam answers criticism militantly up to murderous attacks, the Jewdom tries to elude from each kind of criticism by pointing out that Jews had to stand the cruelties of the nazis. Only Christianity has got some experiences to deal with criticism. But militant actions are being reserved to fanatic Christian lone fighters, because the Christian churches resp. religious communities have no longer got the necessary power to do so. Otherwise the stakes would exist till now.

Spolutions attainable on short call cannot be expected, because the non - Christian religious communities are still being in the start - up period of their principially incontestable demoralization at the moment. But we cannot wait for the next 200 years if we want to solve problems of today how to make up a peaceful together of Atheists, Moslems, religious Jews etc..

An important step to reach this idealistic aim would be the possibility to ignore the religions. This will often not be a problem at Christians, because a lot of them have already privatized their faith in order to dissociate themselves from the machinations of their churches. Today the vast majority of the Christians is taking the faith no longer seriously. The organized church is loosing more and more of its thrustworthyness, because the chruch tries to justify its existence by its alligated engagement at the social sector less by the religion. Also Jewish people are secular up to atheistic by their majority. But unfortunately religious radical powers are rising up their power both in Christianity and Jewdom - surely in order to want to offer resistance to the current feeling of doom of their respective religions. They are producing a lot of kids they want to educate and indoctrinate in terms of their religions, and so they are an undeniable danger for freedom. Ideologies of each kind will became extremely dangerous especially during their final phases. Who knows that he cannot losse anything will be able to afford everything. I refer to the nazi history.

But at the other side there are a lot of people respecting the rising up Christian and Jewish fanatism to be the possible last chance to stop the threatening islamization of Europe, as if it would be senseful to want to contend cholera against the black death.

Therefore the basic conditions for a peaceful living together of Christiand, Moslems, religious Jews and secular people are really rather bad. Eerybody who demands tolerance for himself has to behave in such a way that he will be tolerable. This condition is being fulfilled till this day only by Atheists and a still rather small part of the Christian and Jewish base, but consistently not by Moslems.

But not only the religions cause an immense potential for conflict, econmical forces are more evident in reality. Forty years ago we had to get to know every day repeated like a mantra "The immigrant do not take away our jobs, they are only doing the durty works no native wants to do." But times have changed, in the meatime you can find besides the disproportionately high number of recipients of stately social benefits also successful Turkish lawyers, business - men, doctors etc.. The normally numerous kids of the immigrants get a better education at school, and so this tendency will increase in future.

This is the problem. We cannot want unschooled immigrants only living of the money of the tax - payers, but at the other side we don´t also want way to many qualified and well - to - do immigrants, because they would increase the rate of unemployment of the natives. The competition pressure dor the better paid jobs will increase further on whil will rise up the conflict potential at both sides. The limits of the economical growth have alreadey been reached or they will be reached soon, and so we cannot look forward for the cumulation of a demand of qualified people.

Some people like to allude to former positive and successful examples of integration in this compound, like the immigration of Huguenots during the 17th century to Prussia, which had been prosecuted because of their protestantic faith in France, or the immigration of Irish and Polish people to the ruhr - district (Westphalia, Germany) at the end of the 19th century. But those immigrants were a positive advantage for the Germany Reich being in a period of economical growth and looking urgently for French resp. Irish specialists and Polish workmen at that time. But till now times have changed principially...

Ultimately, this involves we will not be able to resign the noticeable reduction of the foreign and native population in order (not only) to solve the problems of the abolition of unemployment.

A peaceful living - together of men of different origin, religion and also view of life will hardly not be approachable, because you have to respect first and foremost your fellow men to be competitors for short apprenticeship training positions, jobs, stately benefits and old - age pensions - and we have to do so, because this facts are true.

In order to counteract with prospect of success it would be important to public this facts in a free and honest way. It will be useless to continue to color the existing grievances or even to taboo the discussion about them. Otherwise we may not deplore that right - wing - extremists and neonazis will use the situation for their intentions.

The immigration has to be advantageous for all people, both for the immigrants and for the natives of the immigration - country. A reasonable immigration - policy has to look about this fact like the classic immigration countries like Canada, the USA and Australia do so. A reasonable solution of the problem would be reachable at all, but the political intention of all parts is missing in our country at our time. We should hope that a comprehension can nevertheless be found in time, otherwise our democracy will be endangered.