Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung - coming to terms with the past - à la Federal Republic of Germany
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Can the Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung might be something like typical German matters like garden - gremlins or leather pants in Bavarian style? You can think so, because it will be really problematic to translate the nice German word "Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung" to other languages. But well, it will be fine that our nation doesn´t deal in such a noncritcal way like many other people which are thinking " whether it´s right or wrong, it´s my country". But how thrustworthy is the German Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung?

Also the German history is being characterized by the terror of the Christian churches Europe had to suffer a lot of centuries: Wars, crusades, slave - trade, strakes, the exploitation of the population by trading with letters of indulgences and taxes which were blackmailed by threatening with the hell and the eternal damnation.

But the discussion with this theme is being wholesale taboo. Religion and church are staying to be privileged and are still financed by the state. Many people continue to say that the churches would be besides their (leveraged) welfare - activities an important sponsor of moralic and ethical worths and keepers of the occidental culture...




This notable old memorial in Wanne - Eickel Holsterhausen remembers to the heros of the war against the rebellion of the Hereros in German - Southwest - Africa of that time, today Namibia.

Some historians are thinking that that massacre at the Waterberg had been the first genocide of German history, but others deny to call the hostile action to be a genocide.

In any case it wasn´t really a culmination point of the German colonial history. But today there is nearly nobody interested in this theme...


You can find reminiscencis to the German colonial history in a only very seldom way in todays every day life.

<<< The "colonial" - quarter in Duisburg


It was forbidden to fly a GDR* flag in the federal Republic of Germany, politicians of the GDR: had even been threatened to be arrested during a possible travel to the imperilaistic FRG**.
But also a team of the GDR* took part at the olympic games of Munich in 1972 and wanted to fly the GDR* flag self - evidently. Therefore the West became a little bit more tolerant. Since about 1973 the old typical "GDR" - inverted commas or even the old abbreviation SBZ (soviet occupation zone) disappeared in newspapers and journals.
During the 1960ths you had to write a big "X" in front of the postal number of the SBZ, but now the proud ´GDR 12345´ was written on the envelope...

*GDR is short for German Democratic Republic = East Germany

*FRG ist short for Federal Republic of Germany - the usage of this abbrevation was typical in the GDR

Reproduction of this photo with friendly allowance of

The German Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung is often getting the charcter of a real - life comedy. So today true to the original taylored FDJ* ` - shirts are really in vogue, in the most cases without a political ulterior motive. But what´s about the legal situation? Are you allowed to wear such a shirt in public?
In the year of 1956 the Westgerman KPD (communistic party of Germany) and its organization for young people FDJ* were forbidden by the Bundesverfassungsgericht (federal constitutional court of the Federal Republic of Germany), the prohibition has never neen cancelled since them. Therefore it would be forbidden to wear a shirt of the former Westgerman FDJ* by § 86a StGB (criminal code) "Usage of marks of anticonstitutional organizations" . But the old FDJ* of the GDR has never been forbidden, and so you are allowed to wear a shirt of the GDR - FDJ*.
But the problem will be that there are not really any outer recognizable differences between the Westgeman and the GDR FDJ* - shirt...

* FDJ = Freie deutsche Jugend, free German Youth, the organization for young people of the KPD and later in the GDR of the SED (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands - socialistic standard party of Germany, the follower party of the KPD in the GDR).

Photos of the public and media fête of the DKP* from 2009 in the holiday parc Wischlingen in Dortmund

*DKP = Deutsche Kommunistische Partei, the new (West- ) German communistic party

Photo above at the right sight: "long life the international solidarity"
Photo at the left sight of the bottom: Men have got the precendence of profit - peace, work - socialism

And so the in the year of 1968 new founded DKP was being considered with big appreheinsions. Surely, it was the sensible time of the 1968´s commotions, some pepople feared the big revolution. The Vietnam caused the feeling ran high. At that time also the NPD (nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, national democratic party of Germany, a rightest party) hat its best time and failed only a little the moving in the highest German parliament, the Bundestag. It was the great time of polarizing of the society, the "democratic center ground" respected itself to be threatenend. But the governement decided in the correct way and didn´t try to slove the problem with new prohibitions of partys.

The campaigns of Berufsverbots in the Federal Republic of Germany during the 1970ths against communists and other leftists, the so call Radikalenerlaß (degree against radical people), which should hinder members of leftest organizations to get jobs in the public services, wasn´t successful retrospectively, but it damaged only the respect of the Federal Republic of Germany. A discussion with the arguements of the leftest was neglected. One perched furthermore at a policy of attrition - successfully, because the Federal Republik of Germany could take over the bankrupt´s estate of GDR - but not at all to our pleasure.




But now we have to speake about the most delicate chapter of the German history, to the Third Reich. After the Second World War the allied victor nations started to reeducate the Germans, after they had been reasonable that it would be better to enter into a league with their former enemies Germany and Japan than to provocate a new revanchist war again. The rising up conflict between the East and the West, the so called Cold War, should devide Europe and the rest of the world into two parts.

A real political altercation with the Third Reich was being neglected till today unfortunately, instead of it the authorities of the Ferderal Repiblic of Germany reacted with the usual prohibitions. So the follower party of the NSDAP the SRP (sozialistische Reichspartei - socialistic party of the Reich) was forbidden already in 1952.

Everything which could rember to the terror regime of the Nazis should disappear from the conscious of the population. The Adolf - Hitler streets, which existeded in each of the German towns, were renamed already a short time after the end of the war. The swastikas were were taken out from the stamps and official seals until new ones could be ordered.

The Germans should find a totally new position, in the American, British and French zone in a pro western way, in the soviet zone pro communistic.


Official seals and stamps from old school reports of my father,
at the left side from July 14th 1938, at right side from Sept. 10th 1946

An interesting quote from a 1938´s school report of my father:

"Ihr müßt die Tugenden heute üben, die Völker brauchen, wenn sie groß werden wollen:
Ihr müßt treu seín!
Ihr müßt mutig sein!
Ihr müßt tapfer sein!
Und Ihr müßt untereinander eine einzige große, herrliche Kameradschaft bilden."
Adolf Hitler

Translated text:
"You have to practice the virtues, which peoples need, if they want to become graet:
You have to be loyal!
You have to be courageous!
You have to be brave!
And you have to form together an only great glorious companionship!"
Adolf Hitler


There was a Dorfmuellerstrasse in Wuppertal till the early 1970ths, Dorfmueller had been born in Wuppertal and was in his capacity as the Minister of Transport during the Third Reich jointly responsible for the deportation of Jewish people into the concentration camps.

But a real curiosity can be seen at this photo of 2009 of the Saarlauternstrasse in Haltern at the Lake (rural district Recklinghausen). The German town of Saarlouis was renamend by the Nazis to "Saarlautern". But obviously the burghers of the Haltern have not noticed at the mean time that the town has already got its old name back since 1945.

But there a still a lot of Ostmarkstrassen (Ostmark = Nazi - name for Austria) till today...


The Hitlerjugend (NS organization for young men) at the funny Schinkenklopfen (light beats on the bottom).

A lot of elder burgher have still got a positive remembrances in this tiome at all.

The Reichsarbeitsdienst (Reich´s labor service) in action: breed, order, discipline
for the neu Greater German Reich

I ´d got the chance in the 1970ths to speak with a lot of elder people which could remember very well to their lives in the Third Reich, and as a retrieval of their honor I have to say that most of them surely didn´t act only biy idealistic motives. A lot of them were looking forward to a better life in fortune and abundance in the new Greater German Reich. The simple and dirty or bodyly hard works mustn´t have to been made later any longer by the Arian master mind. Therefore people were ready to carry out three years ofmilitary service and afterwards to beget four kids at least. From nothing nothing comes...


The Second World War

At first we have to deal with the prehistory of the Second World War, because the Second World wouldn´t taken place without the First World War. In this compound one has to make a lot of reproaches against the allied victor nations of the First World War:

* The treaty of Versailles bases upon a lot of great injustices, because the German Reich had to take over the exclusive responsibility of the war. That is wrong by historical facts.

* During the First World War Germans and Americans of Germy descent were prosecuted in the USA and Canada, sporadically there were also murderous attacks. The usage of the German language was forbidden, most of the twons with German names were renamed.

* The elections in the votings districts of Western Prussia were manipulated. Some areas were given to the new founded state of Poland in spite of a contrary  plebiscite.

* The Allies forbad in the year of 1920 by infringement of the international law the unification of the German Reich and the Republic of German - Austria. This prohibition was renewed by the Interstate Agreement on Austria in 1955 and is existing up to now..

* France and Belgium occupied under false pretenses the Ruhr districht in the years of 1923 / 25.

* The colonies of the German Reich were annexed by the Allies. The German farmers were being expropiated without any compensations and banished. Only in German South West Africa (Namibia) the half of the German settlers could stay, moreover where they are living there till today. The USA misused the Marshall Islands as a region for testing nuclear weapons after the Second World War and caused an ecological catastrophe.

* The Americans cut of Japan´s supply of energy and provoced therefore the attack against Pearl Harbour.

Considering this facts there is to be asked seriously the question, whether the Second World War had been avoidable at all. Because it will be clear that each unfair peace provoces a new war.

Yes, the Second World War would had been avoidable, if all of the concerned parties - as well the Allies as the Axis Powers - , would have had kind intention. The kind intention to come to an amicable solution was given at the side of the German Reich during the 1920ts at the Republic of Weimar, but it was not respected by the Allies in a sufficient way. When the Allies became ti be reasonable, it was already to late. At that time Adolf Hitler has been taken over the power.

Nevertheless one would had been able to hinder in all probability the coming into power of the Nazis by two really simple things, namely the introduction of a constitutional monarchy in the whole of Germany about like the model of Great Britain and the immediate unification between the German Reich and the Republic of Germanaustria. Germany wasn´t still fit for a modern democracy at that time. Everybody would hade been able to respect this compromise, so even the communistic party tolerates the royal dynasty in Sweden till today. Besides them you may not undervalue the integrative power of the aristocracy for Europe, because the royal dynasties were nearly all related among each other. It is the only blame of the Allies that this chance couldn´t used.

But you have to respect that the Allies still have learnt from their historical mistakes after the end of the Second World War. They seeked for reconciliation and peace with the former Axis Powers. At the other side the conflict between the East and the West rose up, the so called Cold War, which should devide Europe for the time of fourty years.

The German nuclear - weapon:
But urgent questions of the Second World War are still not been cleared up in a sufficient way, like the question of the German nuclear - bomb. Most of the sources are reporting that the Nazis had cancelled the development of nuclear - weapons after the successful blitzkrieg against France in 1941, but others are saying that the Nazis would had already disposed of smaller but operational nuclear - weapons.

An opinion: The Nazis sould stopped the development of nuclear - weapons, because they considered at the one side the construction of those bombs to be possible, but at the other side not to be realizale in a short or medium term, so that nuclear weapons couldn´t be decisive for the outcome of the war. Also the shortage of material caused problems. This assesment of the situation was really correct. Also the USA wouldn´t had enough materials in order to beat Japan by nuclear weapons. Therfore the Nazis decided to stop the further development of nuclear weapons and to cencentrate their energy to other matters instead of it. But: The Japaneses should had known about this matters too, why did they fall for the USA´s bluff?

If the Nazis and also the USA would had had more time for the development of their nuclear - bombs, the Second World War would have ended in a total disaster. But we were spared that fortunately. But the Americans didn´t learnt from thier mistakes they had made. There were US politicians standing for the nuclear destruction of the Soviet - Union in order to make the USA to be the only universal power already till the 1950ths.

An unconditional clearing up of the historical events is to be demanded from all of the parties concerned, even if so the results might be partly in the Nazi´s favor. The further comouflaging of historical facts is provocing new rumors and wild suppositions which may be suitable to mystify Nazism.












Shoah memorial in Herne

The Nazi - persecution of Jews

FIRST REASON: It is true that the Nazis brought antisemitism to perfection, but the Nazis are not its creator. Already 500 years before the German reformer Marthin Luther called up to kill all of the Jews, if they don´t want to convert to Christianity. The Christian antsemitism caused one pogrom after the other during the centuries. Besides them we have to notice a fatal similarity between the Nazis and Jewish people. The Nazis respected themselves to be the "Arian master mind", during the Jews respected themselves to be the "people elected by God". Now, it will be clear, that there is no enough place for two "elected peoples" in the narrow Europe...

THE SECOND REASON: The nazis incriminated les Jews being responsible for the Frist world War which was lost for the Axis - Powers. Well, this arguement was not respected to be serious till now, because the Jews had been incrimated generally since time immemorial for all of the evils of the world: Famines, earth - quakes, floods, bad harvests, pestilence and cholera.

Mais there are serious indications that this reproach will be founded in reality. The situation had been coming to a deadlock about 1 1/2 years after the begin of the First World War. All of the participants wanted to make peace indeed, either the Entente - especially France - and the Axis - Powers, and they all would had been ready to agree a treaty of peace and to come to a compromise to a stand .- off.

But we all know that this peace wasn´t made in spite of this. Why don´t the participants make peace, although everybody wants to do so? It will be only one senseful answer to this question: You donßt want to make peace, if you will think that you can still win the war.

But nobody thought so at that time any more. But the situation changed suddenly because of the joining of the USA to the First World War for the advantage of the Entente. The USA had asserted clearly their neutrality before the war and during the its starting phase. The USA wanted to have nothing in commun with the European war. Who can we explain this sudden change of mind?

Great - Britain was deeply in debt at that time, the USA would had lost a lot of money in a case of a defeat of Great - Britain. But a defeat of Great - Britain was not probable at all. Further than it will be noticed that US citizens were killed because of attacs of German U - boats at British passenger - chips, the best example will be the destruction of the Lousitania. But the Americans knew that the Englishmen liked to misuse their passenger - chips for the transport of war materials. That´s why we can think that the USA had provoced this attacks in order to get a pretense for joining the war.

Well, the nazis incriminated the Jews to be guilty of the sudden change of mind. The Jews would have use their influence in the USA in order to join them to the war to the advantage of the Entente, if the Britains would promise them to give Palestine in return - have a look athe the declaration of Balfour of 1917. Palestine was a British mandated terrytory at that time.

It is not solved whether this reproaches against the Jews are true or not. The historicans neglect in a very simple way the necessary investigations. So again the suspect is rising up, that some matters shall be glossed over. In fact it would be an immense scandal, if the Jews had played on false against Germany for their egoistic intentions - a land which had always acted well to them till now

THE DENIAL OF THE NAZI GENOCIDE: What kind of reasons can be for people to deny the Nazi genocide in spite of it´s a proved historical fact?

* UNSERIOUS INFORMANTS: As sure as the Nazi - genocide is a proved fact, it´s proved that manliy the US - Americans were and are also telling willfully lies about the Nazis contrary to better knowledge So the allegation of the US - propaganda the Nazis would have been atheists totally absurd. The Nazis were being influenced by the Christian ideology, they wanted to preserve the Christian churches in the kind of state - churches and reintroduce the old Germanic religions in a long termed way in order to confirm the Germanic identity of the population. Besides them the Nazis liked the esoterism (superstition etc.). So there was not any only sea- or airship with the name of "Adolf Hitler". If the ship would met with an accident, the Nazis had expect this matter to be a bad omen.
During disliked Nazis were accused of their behaviour in the famous trials of Nuernberg (Nuremberg) by the Allies, the Nais which could be useful for the Allies got a luxury asylum of first class in America respectively in the Soviet - Union. I do only remember at the world wide leading Nazi - specialists of the rocket - technology. Besides them not an only war criminal of the Allies had been accused at a trial - for example the persons who were responsible for the drop of the nuclear - bombe on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So the trials of Nuernberg are being reduced to be a justice of revenge.

* WISHFUL THINKING: The deliberate denegation of true facts ist always being also a sign of disassociation. A lot of people are being in favor to ignore facts they don´t like. You can compare it with the religious faith. Religious people are believing in things they want to belief in - without a special motive, therefore it plays really no part whether matters are being true or not. Therefore you cannot respect the denegation of the Nazi genocide to be an offence against Jewish people. Everybody who wants to offend Jews, would prefer to justify the genocide.

* AN ATTACK AGAINST THE STATE (FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY): I found an interesting article to this theme in the WAZ (Westgerman General Newspaper) from Mai 25th 1985. According to that the Minister of Justiz of Hamburg Leithaeuser (SPD = social democratic party of Germany) said, people who are denying the Nazi crimes want to attack the state (the Federal Republic of germany is meaned) in reality . The denegation of the Nazi genocide has to be persecuted as a special criminal corpus delicti.

* "An attack against our state" - this statement provoces a lot of more questions. Would you be able to attack our state with the so called Auschwitzluege (fam. for denegation of the Nazi genocide) at all?
* Everybody who is denying the Nazi genocide is charging the Federal Republic of Germany with a lie inevitably. But what for a kind of reason might could be for the state to incriminate itself with a free invented lie demaging the national respect? This possibility would be less probable.
* Which kind of consequences for our state of today would be caused, if the genocide would had been not true? There are really a lot of other reason to criticize the Nazis, racism, nationalism, general intolerance. A rehabilitation of the Nazis wouldn´t be possible in any case.
* No, you couldn´t attack the Federal Republic of Germany by propagating the so called Auschwitzluege surely in any way, all the more the Federal Republic of Germany didn´t exist at that time. Everbody who wants to attack the Federal Republic of Germany will easyly find a lot of better arguments.
But, besides them: Why does the federal Republic of Germany is being afraid of "attacking" critics? Can the state defend itself by arguments than by the force of the criminal code? If you have to answer this question wuth "no", it would be a real confession of failure of our state...

THE DENIAL OF THE NAZI - GENOCIDE against Jewis people is an inelegance, but after all it will not be more worse than an inelegance and by no means a punishalbe delict. The freedom of opinion covers also to circulate objectively false statements of facts. Otherwise the even the religion had to be forbidden. A special treatment for the punishment of the denial of the Nazi - genocide may not exist. Either we have to punish the comment of all false statements of facts, or we must not punish any of them. State, society and even Jewish people by themselves have to stand, that there are some people denying the genocide at all. We have to be above such things, apart from this problem cannot been solved by stately violence, but only by factual information, the populace of the population is still open - minded against reasonable arguments. Political criminal law, like the § 130 Volksverhetzung StGB (German criminal code) has to be abolished totally, all the more it is only punishing some defined objectively false statements which are unwelcome at the authorities. This circumstance doesn´t be useful for the thrustworthyness of the state.

But i f there are genocides and wars are clearly being consented, we will have got another case. Well, but shouldn´t we have to forbid the churches first of all in such a case? The Bible, the Coran and the Talmus tell people to do so after all. Unfortunately nobody is thinking about it. And so the right and moral are always being applied double standards on our country.

It is terrific that our state is contrasting with such a helplessnee the phenomenons of right and left radicalism. Prohibitions and criminalization of unwelcome critics are not being a suitable method to do justice to this people. The will only set up profiles by thepity scam. That willbe really unfair.
The thrustworthyness of the state is falling behind. A thruthworthy alienation from Auschwitz (Oswieczim) will not be possible, as long as our state is action in collusion with the (Christian) churches. It will be really useless to put up more and more memorials in order to remember at the genocide and to prove one´s detestation in new sunday sermons again und again.Mainly it will be useless to demand for more and harder laws which are being suitable to reduce the general civil rights and sponsoring the dishonesty and  querulousness of people against the state. So we would be on the way to a new dictatorship. I think, we don´t want it, isn´t it?
Naturally the freedom of sprech doesn´t covers calumnations and offences. But unfortunately the limits between legitime and necessary criticism cannot be fixed clearly, because there are people also feeling be involved already by well - meant criticism. Although it will better to stand even a exaggerated or mendacious criticism. Our population will be ripe to make up its own mind.

..and now at the end we have to ask the most important question:

How can we prevent that such genocides will repeat themselves in future?
- the same who will be the offender and the victim -

The chance to avoid genocides in future has been changing more for the worse unfortunately. But the why is not that people and governements wouldn´t have learnt from the hostory, because otherwise they had changed their behaviour.
The population of the world has been more than doubled since the Nazi - time. In spite of this fact most governements are following a politic of advancing the number of new born kids. Besides them the resources are becoming more barely sufficient, you can feel it in your every - day - life, if you feel the always rising up pressure of competition at the placing of apprenticeship training positions and employments, stately social benefits and old age pensions. A lot of people in the so called Third World are fighting for bare survival. It will not be any longer enough for everybody. The limits of growth are reached, a fair distribution of the goods couldn´t a solution, because it would cause poorness for everybody in a long termed way.  
People whoch are feeling to be threatened in their existence will protect themselves naturally and therefore they will develope a larger aggressive potential, which can cause an escalation of matters one day. And the threatened existence is being given in reality today and is not imaginary.
If we want to avoid wars and genocides in future, we have to give up our unrestraint multiplication. There is no getting around it. All other even well - intentiont methods would be totally uneffectivly otherwise.